Embrace the Beauty of the Maltese Coastline Forget crowded buses or stressful car journeys. With Blue Lagoon Ferry, the journey itself is part of the adventure. Our spacious ferries offer comfortable seating and breathtaking views of Malta’s coastline as you glide towards the crystal-clear waters of Comino island. Imagine the wind in your hair, the gentle rocking of the waves, and the vibrant blues and greens of the Mediterranean stretching out before you.

Time is Precious – We Get You There Faster Maximize your time soaking up the sun! Our frequent departures and optimized routes ensure you spend less time traveling and more time making unforgettable memories at the Blue Lagoon. Check our timetable for convenient schedules tailored to your needs. Whether you’re craving a quick morning dip or a full day of island exploration, we have a ferry departure to match your plans.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Compass We’re not just about getting you from point A to point B. Our friendly crew and dedication to smooth sailing have earned us a reputation for excellence. Don’t just take our word for it – read what fellow adventurers say about their Blue Lagoon Ferry experience! “The staff was so welcoming, and the ride was incredibly smooth. I felt totally at ease throughout the trip,” raves one satisfied passenger.

Flexibility to Suit Your Adventure Whether you’re planning a family day trip, a romantic getaway, or a solo exploration, we’ve got you covered. Our ferries accommodate passengers of all ages, and our private charter options let you tailor the journey to your unique desires. Celebrate a birthday with a sunset cruise, explore hidden coves only accessible by boat, or simply design a day on the water that perfectly fits your group’s style.

Beyond Just a Ferry Ride Think of your ferry journey as an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the Maltese archipelago. Keep an eye out for playful dolphins leaping alongside the boat, admire the rugged cliffs of Gozo as you approach, or learn about the historic watchtowers dotting the coast from our knowledgeable crew.

Your Island Paradise Starts Here Don’t miss a moment of the Blue Lagoon’s magic. Book your ferry tickets today and let the relaxation begin!

Q & A

  • Q: Do I need to book in advance? A: While not always essential, booking in advance secures your spot on your desired ferry, especially during peak season.
  • Q: Can I bring food and drinks? A: Absolutely! Feel free to pack a picnic to enjoy on board or at your destination.
  • Q: Are your ferries accessible? A: Contact us to discuss your specific needs; we are committed to accommodating all passengers to the best of our ability.